lauantai 20. lokakuuta 2018

These are the simple things


back to the city life

home sweet home

always working explanation for being late; ships were going through

California inspired art by Mirte

night fly

perks of living ground floor

mijne roomie

visitors from lisbon

happy me

those sunsets though

isn't she adorable

my German princess

"just keep hanging on"

curbside lunch with canal cleaning show


sometimes Dutch people just know what's up

working on that food game

"how we transport"

fall has arrived

unwrapping the lecture

there is no escaping from the Moomins

Here you go, just a little sneak peak into the first two months of my Amsterdam round two. As always weeks have been passing super fast, not the least because in this block's combination of politics and law I've been learning everything from Neo-Gramscian hegemony to Foucault's take on Neo-liberal criminalization (sorry I was just doing exam prep😅)
Bye bye for now