torstai 16. elokuuta 2018

Stories in my mind which I can take or leave behind

Apparently it has been over a year since I last posted anything in this blog. During this time, as the pictures might reveal, I have moved to Amsterdam and started a new bachelor’s degree here. The change in scenery from Monterey Bay, a more slow-paced old fishing town on the coast of California, to a big European city has been drastic. As a whole, my first year in Amsterdam was intense and full of new influences, translating itself into an inspiring year with many highs but on the flip side it was also a phase of struggle to find my place and keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle.   

Nevertheless, after a summer spent back home in Finland I am back in the city, although this time in the Baarsjes area in West instead of East Amsterdam. I am loving the neighbourhood and I have to say that getting out of temporary student housing makes a big difference, it just feels way more homely to live in a real flat. And to share a bit of the reason why I am (hopefully) opening up this blog again, I realized I missed the monthly habit of looking back into what’s been going on and giving form to this collection of memories. But will see what comes out of it this time! For starters, above is some of my favourite photos that I’ve snapped of Amsterdam, none of great quality but I think something about the feeling of the city is there. 

sunnuntai 25. kesäkuuta 2017

Here’s to now

lilikoi coffee lemonade 

Lanikai pillbox hike

our home on the road

first time on shortboard

Koko head views

Waimano falls

"China Walls"

whatsup monk seal

Kaena Point

Crouching lion hike

when we spent all our money in coffee(;

last moment with our tent that served us well for nearly a month 

lava tunnel

Makapu’u tidepools

Waikiki beachside hostel

Acai bowls are life

classic Waikiki beach

sunrise hike to Diamond head trail

Twin Peaks, SFO & 12hr layover

First glimpse of Finland
And after 10 months of traveling I’m home<3